Sad Habits



I’m Sad Habits girl, and I’ve been depressed for the last nine years.

It’s exhausting. I’m tired of being tired all the time, of hating myself and fearing everything else. June 2018 was the lowest I’ve been in a long time, and I realized that I can’t keep struggling on with my head barely above water.

‘Sad Habits’ is the bad habits I’ve fallen into in trying to deal with being depressed. It’s been so long that I don’t really know much about who I am without it. I want Sad Habits to be an exploration of how I was alongside the discovery of who I might be.

I’m honestly, truly really excited about this. I look at this site and I see hope and possibility and potential. There is no fear, here.

If you’re in the same place, or have been, or fear you will be — hi, nice to meet you. I hope you find comfort or inspiration or distraction here. If you’re just curious, or are looking for some insight in to what it’s like, that’s fine too. All are welcome.

Feel free to reach out, let’s be friends.

I’m writing this, looking down the barrel of a long journey to wellness and it’s honestly terrifying. But it’s time for accountability, and it’s time for change.

I’m ready to live my life again.


Sad Habits Girl

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